Authentic Sichuan Ba Shu Mala hot pot
leads the Mala twin-broth trend.

Old Sichuan Mala broth

We introduce the authentic Sichuan Ba Shu Mala Hot Pot made with “3 spices, 3 peppers, 3 toppings, 7 seasonings, 8 flavors and 9 ingredients”, adopt Mala for innovation and variation and lead the Mala twin-broth hot pot trend in Taiwan.
Sichuan cuisine requires multilayered ingredients. Culinary skills and marinates are strictly ruled. We use premium Guizhou bell peppers, Guizhou red cluster peppers and Chongqing red peppers for a red hot spicy taste and add Wudu peppercorns, Hanyuan peppercorns and Jiangjin green peppercorns for a triple Ma (numb) finish, and last but not least mix the key to Sichuan cuisine “Pi County Broad Bean Paste” in the broth. Since the founding, we have been preparing the hog bone based broth on a daily basis. We are the top brand committed to making unforgettable delicacies and specialties for the consumers.