Origin of our brand

In 2003, founder of Old Sichuan travelled all the way to Harbin city and brought back the secret Sichuan recipe of “three seasonings, three spices, three condiments and seven tastes, eight flavors, nine combinations” for opening his own restaurant.Within decades, a spicy hot pot vendor with 13 tables has become a chain store cooperate owning brands including Old Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot, Sichuan Home Cooking, Hung Ting Conveyor Hot Pot, 14 restaurants in total and providing e-commerce services.Obtained the OTC market in 2014 (2741.TW) with an annual sale of almost NT$ 1 billion.

Company philosophy

Old Sichuan upholds the spirit of “Service from heart, serving from delicacies, touching your heart from within”, and dedicates to developing a catering business bringing joy to customers and employees. Since the establishment of this company, professional service to the customers, training of service personnel who holds the same spirit in line with the company and benefits for the employees have been of highest value for us.

Old Sichuan values food safety issue more than anything. In 2013, we spent 200 million dollars on building central factory for ingredients for all our restaurants across Taiwan, a self-inspection lab and management of ingredient sourcing, which were validated from ISO22000 and HACCP. Therefore, the standardization of Old Sichuan’s core stock flavor and quality unification for important ingredients are expected. We have also become an outstanding R&D / OEM partner for whose who wants to join catering industry.