Welcome to “Renjie Oldsichuan Catering Management Consultant Co., Ltd.” (Homepage website: https://www.oldfourriver.com/, hereinafter referred as this website). In order to enjoy every service and information of this website, hereby elaborate the privacy policy for protecting your rights and interests. Please read carefully for the following content:

1. Scope of application for privacy policy

Privacy policy includes how this website processes the personal identification data gathered while you use the service of this website. This policy does not apply to the websites connected by external links of this website and the managing personnel this websites authorizes.

2. Gathering, processing and usage of personal information

  • When you visit this website or use its function and service, personal information will be needed during the usage depending on the function and service chosen and your personal information will be processed and used within certain purpose and limitation; without your written consent, this website will not use the information on other purposes.
  • Your name, email address, contact info and usage time etc. will be recorded during your using of interactive services such as mailbox and survey.
  • During general browsing, the server will automatically record all related data including IP address of your connecting device, usage time, browser used, browsing and clicking records etc. as our references for improving website services and will never be publicly disclosed.
  • In order to provide precise services, we will calculate and analyze the results from survey. The result data and description of it will mainly be used for internal study and possible disclosure if needed with no specific personal data on them.

3. Personal information protection policy

  • IT security and necessary protection measures such as firewall or antivirus system are equipped in our mainframe in order to carefully protect your personal data, which can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Non-disclosure agreement will be signed by related personnel in contact with these data, if there should be any violet circumstances, subsequent legal punishment will follow.
  • When entrusting other facilities for services, this website will strictly demand for a non-disclosure agreement and necessary examination procedures will be executed making sure no violation of the agreement.

4. External links

This website provides external links for entering other websites which allow you to enter other websites. However, our privacy policies does not apply to those websites, you can refer to their policy given in those websites.

5. Personal data sharing policy

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sale any of your information to other person, group, private cooperate or government facility; however, circumstances under legal basis or contract obligations are not within this limitation.
The above provisos include but are not limited to:
  • (1)Agreed with your written consent
  • (2)Regulated by law
  • (3)In order to prevent you from danger of life, body, freedom or property.
  • (4)Cooperation with government facility or academic research facility for public interests and required by statistic or academic study purposes. Data should be processed by the provider or gatherer make sure that the disclosing data does not reveal personal information.
  • (5)When your action on the website violates service regulations or may damage or hinder other users’ rights and interests or causing damage to any persons and therefore manager of this website decides the reveal of your information is to identify, contact or taking legal actions for necessity.
  • (6)Benefit for your rights and interests
  • (7)When entrusting service providers to help collect, process or use your personal information, this website will take the responsibility of supervising and managing of them.

6. Cookie usage policy

In order to perfectly provide our services, this website will place and access to our Cookie in your computer. If you are not will to accept the writing in of Cookie, you can change the privacy setting in your computer to High to reject Cookie write in, but some function of the website may not be executed properly.

7. Private policy modification

The privacy policy of this website may correct or modify at any time if needed, the modified regulations will be posted on the website.