2021 Old Sichuan Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament has completed
2021 Old Sichuan Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament (Jan. 23 – Jan. 27) will be held at Shengli baseball field, Yangming baseball field and Gangshan baseball field in Kaohsiung city for 5 consecutive days. 32 teams joined for this exciting tournament, amazing turned defeat was spotted in several games. The champion of this year’s tournament went to Shi Yuan Junior High School from Taichung city.

General manager Ming-han Wu indicates that the company’s core concept is “What you take from the society is what you pay back to it in return”. Aside from providing all the young baseball athletes a platform to compete, it is also an act of showing a way for other cooperates what we could do to sponsor the sports environment in our country.

General manager Ming-han Wu and principle of Cisian Junior High School welcome everyone on the awards ceremony. Participation of every team is highly appreciated since it elevates the watchability and give the athletes more chances of being seen in hope of drawing more attention and possible support from cooperates.

圖片來源:運動視界 https://www.sportsv.net/articles/80843