Famous Mala (spicy chili) hot pot brand in Taiwan
20-year authentic Sichuan seasonings

The tailor-made cuisine is made available for businesses on the basis of rich experiences in innovation.

Old Sichuan (Old Four River) is the very first OTC Mala hot pot brand in Taiwan in 2014.
We own totally 14 restaurants in Taiwan with over 100,000 guests savoring at the restaurants in person every month.
The authentic Sichuan Ba Shu Mala Hot Pot made with “3 spices, 3 peppers, 3 toppings, 7 seasonings, 8 flavors and 9 ingredients” available via online shopping satisfies all gourmands online and offline. The partnerships between the Officers in association with dozens of famous brands overseas and home make Taiwan Mala Flavor the global trend.

Food safety is the commitment for good

A strict control over each link of 4 keys









Committed to the Delicacy Heritage, Technology Administration, Quality Control (QC) and Testing,
Old Sichuan sticks to safety and deliciousness and thus is the leader in the market.

The central factory is equipped with a private laboratory.
SOP for all products processes

The professional food technician crew and QC crew monitor the production.
The private laboratory crew certified with the food technician and culinary certificates are periodically trained with food hygiene testing techniques to ensure the stable production quality.

Central factory

Food hygiene and
safety key points control

Private laboratory

International product
standard testing
Public Construction Commission
Executive Yuan
Skill Certification
Food Industry Research and
Development Institute

Cuisine maker

From Mala sauce / spicy stew ingredients to delicacies and specialties,
The Old Sichuan SOP processes ensure quality MTO products.
Preparation of
Delivery /
Old Sichuan brings the Good Taste to the world!
Good Taste wins the trust and food safety is ensured
The project is accomplished with efficiently through the quality one-stop services that ensure the smooth procedure from R&D, testing to production!
The adequate labeling and sample testing are done to conduct a prior review for each brand to meet the requirements of the governing and applicable laws associated with food in respective countries.

Homemade Sichuan Mala Seasonings
Make to order MTO series

Broth / Stock

Broth / Stock

The authentic red hot spicy Mala broth ensures the multilayer flavor for each client and thus is the icon of Mala twin-broth hot pot by making the broth to bring out all ingredients!
Spicy stew

Spicy stew

The everlasting best seller in the business is bred by the secretly formulated broth to bring the ingredients out with medicinal herbs! The signature stewed ingredients are hog fat ends and beef trio!
Aromatic sauce

Aromatic sauce

The old homemade secret sauce entices the appetite and upgrades the ingredients. The business model for wholesale or make to order for retail is made available.
Mixed noodles

Mixed noodles

The broth made with Old Sichuan seasonings in combination with the premium staples ranks the top of the online shopping items!
Quick cooking

Quick cooking

The best thing you can have at home is to mix the broth with noodles! The broth can be served at once by heating it with water.


The ingredients are seasoned with the authentic Sichuan spices and various snacks are served by quick opening.

Successful cases of partnerships

On the basis of successful cooperation with many business partners, the specific personnel will breed the brand-new make to order item via a full understanding of your demands.